Afro-Eurasia is the largest sub-planet of Earth, comprising the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Afro-Eurasia is 
400px-Afro-Eurasia location map
the oldest sub-planet of Earth, Afro-Eurasia is also known as the Old World, Afro-Eurasia is known for it's ancient landmarks, and has the oldest countries in Earth.



Europe is the most developed continent in Afro-Eurasia, Europe is a fully-developed continent, with high standards of living, has a huge devlopment, Europe is the continent in Afro-Eurasia with most ancient countries, cultures, and languages, Europe's most famous landmarks are the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and many other famous landmarks, Europe is also the smallest continent in Afro-Eurasia.


Asia is the largest continent in Afro-Eurasia by both area and population, Asia is a mix of developed and developing countries, Asia is known for many famous landmarks such as the Great Wall of China, and other famous landmarks, Asia is one of the continents with the highest economies, but there is also some very poor countries, Asia has 2 subcontinents which are India and Arabia, Asia is the second continent with the most ancient countries, cultures, and languages.

Africa Edit

Africa is the least developed continent in Afro-Eurasia, Africa is also the second-largest continent in Afro-Eurasia, Africa is mostly un-developed, and has a lack of development, countries such as South Africa and Egypt are very developed, and have a very huge economy, and countries such as Mali, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zimbabwe are very poor countries, and a lack of development.

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