America is a sub-planet of Earth comprising the continents of North and South America, and the micro-continents of 

Central America and Caribbean, America comprises all of the Western Hemisphere, America is the second largest sub-planet of Earth after Afro-Eurasia, America is the sub-planet with most modern countries.

Continents / Micro-continentsEdit

North AmericaEdit

North America is the most developed continent in America, North America is a fully-developed continent, North America is one of the 3 developed continents, the other ones being Europe and Australia, North America has a very huge economy, and very huge development, North America is the most developed continent in Earth.

Central AmericaEdit

Central America is one of the 2 micro-continents of America, Central America is a least developed micro-continent, with a huge lack of development, and lots of poverty, in the Northern side, there is a very poor economy, and in the Southern side, there is a very huge development, and a very huge economy, there are 6 Latin-American countries, and 1 Anglo-American country.

South AmericaEdit

South America is one of the 2 continents of America, South America is a partially-developed micro-continent, with some paritally-developed countries, and some developing countries, South America is mostly in Latin America, and South America's main languages are Spanish and Portuguese.


Caribbean is one of the 2 micro-continents of America, Caribbean is the least developed micro-continent in America, with a very poor economy, and lack of development, Caribbean is home to the least developed country in America which is Haiti, and the most developed country in Latin America which is Puerto Rico, it's also home to other poor countries such as Cuba and Grenada, Caribbean resembles Africa, due to the poverty and ethnic groups.

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