Oceania is a sub-planet of Earth comprising the continent of Australia, and the micro-continents of 
Pacific Culture Areas
Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia, Oceania comprises all the Southerneastern Hemisphere, Oceania is the 3rd largest sub-planet of Earth after Afro-Eurasia and America, Oceania the sub-planet with most islands.

Continents / Micro-continentsEdit


Australia is the most developed continent, and is the only continent in Oceania, Australia is one of the 3 developed continents, the other ones being North America and Europe, Australia is one continent, Australia is a fully-developed continent, and is the only continent with only 1 official language, Australia has a huge economy, and very huge development.


Melanesia is one of the 3 micro-continents of Oceania, Melanesia is a developing micro-continent, Melanesia is mostly poor and un-developed, Melanesia has no least-developed countries, but there are countries that are nearly Least-developed countries.


Micronesia is one of the 3 micro-continents of Oceania, Micronesia is the least micro-continent in Oceania, Micronesia has least-developed countries such as Kiribati, with lack of development, and huge poverty, and developed countries such as Guam and Northern Mariana Island with big economies.


Polynesia is one of the 3 micro-continents of Oceania, Polynesia is a paritally-developed micro-continent, with a mix of developed and developing countries, countries such as New Zealand has a huge development, and a very huge economy, and is a very developed country, and countries such as Samoa and Tuvalu have a lack of development, and have very poor economies.

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